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The Two Signs You Need To Contact A Divorce Attorney And End Your Marriage

People don't get married to get divorced. To that end, many people will hang onto their hopes and dreams of a good marriage long after the reality has shown it is not possible. While marriage, at its most basic, is a promise to never give up and stay together "for better or worse", this does not mean that you should ruin your life or the life of your spouse if your marriage is not a true marriage. Though you may still have feelings for your spouse, this does not always mean you should stay. Here are some signs that you need to contact a divorce attorney from a firm like Garrett & Silvey Law Firm, despite whatever feelings of love you or your spouse may have.

Physical Abuse

There are many types of spousal abuse, including:

  • Emotional/psychological
  • Financial
  • Sexual
  • Physical

While emotional, financial and sexual abuse (which includes withholding) can be easier to overcome with awareness and behavior modification, unfortunately, physical abuse rarely stops without serious intervention or anger management courses. In fact, physical abuse often escalates and becomes a pattern.

For this reason, if there is any type of physical abuse in your marriage, unless your spouse is willing to get help, it is time to end the relationship. Physical abuse includes:

  • Pushing
  • Hitting
  • Kicking
  • Spitting

 Essentially, any physical force or even threat of physical force constitutes physical abuse.

 Complete Disconnection

Another sign that the relationship needs to end or has essentially already ended is when there is literally no communication with or from your spouse at all.  The end is certainly near if a spouse refuses to:

  • Talk with you and/or interact with you
  • Be around you or spend any time with you
  • Make eye contact with you
  • Have affectionate physical contact with you
  • Inform you about their finances, thoughts, lifestyle and activities
  • Be interested in your finances, thoughts, lifestyle and activities

This disconnection, if carried on long enough, ends any and all intimacy and a shared life. Since that is what a marriage is really all about, your spouse has left the marriage even if they are still sometimes physically present. In fact, this type of stonewalling and disconnection is typical of a spouse that truly desires to end a marriage but simply hasn't made the steps to do so.

These two factors, physical abuse and complete disconnection, are the death knell for any marriage—far more so than infidelity, conflict, differing needs and even boredom. If this is the state of your marriage, it's time to contact a divorce attorney. 

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