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3 Ways To Avoid A Car Accident

Getting in a car accident is a great way to ruin your day. If you live in a high-traffic area or a college town, you may be at greater risk for getting in a car accident. But there are ways to drive smart and avoid most car accidents. Here's how.

Be a Defensive Driver

If you live in an area with a lot of large intersections or travel on the freeway to work, you've probably seen your fair share of bad drivers. While you can't control what others do in or with their cars, you can control your car. If you see someone swerving into your lane, send a friendly honk to alert the driver that something is wrong. If a crazy driver is weaving through cars to get ahead, move over to the slow lane if it's safe and just let them pass. Don't let your ego get the best of you and race them!

Drive Smart in Rush Hour

We all know how frustrating it can be to drive during rush hour. While it may be tempting to tailgate the car in front of you,you're actually making things worse! The best way to alleviate congestion on the highway is to maintain a steady pace, even if it has to be slower than the speed limit you're used to driving. If you have to let the car in front of you get a few car lengths ahead, it's ok. You'll be stepping on your brakes less often, which alleviates the pesky stop-and-go feeling we all hate.

Err on the Side of Caution

Are you an impatient driver? If so, you're probably used to driving through "orange" lights, sliding through the left turn lane after the car before you has hit a red light, and other dangerous maneuvers for the sake of time. While doing these things can help you get home faster, you never know when a car won't see you turning left behind a line of cars and T-bone you. So when you're tempted to slide in under the wire, just wait for the next light. It's not worth the car repairs or potentially losing your life.

Follow these 3 safety tips while on the road and you'll have a perfect driving record to be proud of. More than that, you'll avoid most potential car accidents. If you do end up in a car accident, make sure to call a car accident attorney such as Todd East Attorney at Law right away to prevent financial ruin and lots of stress. 

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