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What You Should Know About Independent Adoptions

If you are planning on adopting a child, you will need to first choose between an independent adoption, also called a private adoption, and an agency adoption. With an independent adoption, you connect with the birth mother on your own instead of being placed by an agency. Here are some things to know about independent adoptions before you decide on this option.

Benefits of an Independent Adoption

The first thing to know is that there are many benefits to choosing this type of adoption. One of the best reasons to choose independent adoption is that you get the opportunity to connect more on a personal level with the birth parents. With an agency adoption, your time with the birth parents is often limited. However, if you do it privately, you and the birth parents choose when and how much to converse with each other.

Another benefit is that there are no long waiting lists or complicated procedures to go through first. You don't need to have a home visit or be approved by the agency. It is up to the birth parents and them alone if you are a good fit for their child. They will spend more time with you and your spouse and get to know you, which might be all they need to choose you as the adoptive parent. When you choose independent adoption, you also have the benefit of lower costs for the adoption.

Drawbacks of an Independent Adoption

Like all types of adoption, independent adoption has some drawbacks. First of all, there are some legal issues involved with adopting. Agencies have their legal team, but you will need to hire your own lawyer when going through an independent adoption. Make sure you get legal advice and consult an attorney before signing the final divorce papers. This protects you and the birth parents throughout the adoption process.

There is also a lack of resources available when you do everything on your own. Adoption agencies provide counseling and thorough background checks for the birth parents and adoptive parents. If you do this privately, this is all up to you.

There Are Costs Involved

While an independent adoption is usually less expensive than an agency adoption, there are still some costs involved. To file the paperwork, you will need to pay a fee as well as additional court fees. There are also fees associated with running background checks, helping to pay for hospital stays or travel expenses for the birth parents, and paying for your attorney. If the financial aspect is the most important benefit to independent adoption, make sure you compare these costs to what you would pay at a local adoption agency. For more information, consider contacting an attorney like A Affordable Attorney Gerling Law Group.

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