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4 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be a messy business as it is, and often couples shy away from hiring an attorney to guide them through the process, thinking that it will only serve to make things more complicated. To the contrary, an attorney that specializes in handling divorce cases can be invaluable for both parties. So if you're going through a divorce, keep reading and consider the four reasons below why legal guidance has major benefits. 


It's all too common during divorce proceedings to let emotions get the best of you and reign supreme over decisions that would otherwise be made calmly and logically. When this causes a stalemate between partners, the divorce attorney is able to act as a legal, impartial mediator between parties, and negotiate an outcome that is agreeable to everybody. Without a third party acting as a mediator, attempts at compromise can be drawn out far longer than they otherwise would.

Child Custody

Often the most contested aspect of a divorce is custody of children. Without an attorney, you may unknowingly give up custody rights that you are owed by law, or not be able to take full advantage of opportunities that exist to contest the custody claims of your partner. This legal advantage is perhaps most beneficial for single fathers who may (incorrectly) assume that their state will automatically grant them limited custody.

Division of Assets

Another point of contention between parties in a divorce is the division of assets. Even when the terms of the division itself are agreed upon fairly quickly, it remains to transcribe those intentions in a number of legal documents. To avoid mistakenly allocating assets in a way that contradicts you or your partner's actual wishes, hire a divorce attorney to navigate the legal maze. Submitting a declaration of assets to the court, only to find that your intentions have been misinterpreted, will have you wishing you hired an attorney to help you through the process.

Saving Time 

Above all, a divorce attorney (such as one from Granowitz, White & Weber Attorneys at Law) can help you save time. In fact, not having to take a day off of work every other week to head down to the courthouse means that the cost of an attorney might pay for itself when all is said and done. So if you and your spouse are looking to begin a quick and relatively painless divorce, seriously consider the time, money and stress saved by hiring an expert attorney.

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