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Receiving Social Security Disability: How It Affects Three Other Government Income Programs

If you become disabled and unable to work, you could be eligible for a government program known as Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI. This program offers monthly payments to qualified workers who have paid into the Social Security system. The following article examines a key issue for some people who want to apply for SSDI benefits: how collecting SSDI payments affects certain other government benefits you are receiving or would like to receive in the future. 

Supplemental Security Income

The Social Security Administration operates another income program called Supplemental Security Income, or  SSI. Government regulations allow you to participate, under certain conditions, in both of these programs at the same time. The government refers to this as collecting "concurrent benefits." The general rule is that you are eligible for concurrent benefits if your monthly payment from SSDI is low. You might receive a low payment, for example, because you did not have a long work history at the time you became disabled.  

Veteran's Administration  

Are you veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces? In that case, you could be eligible for Veteran's Administration programs that assist those with disabilities or low income. One program is called Veterans Disability and is for veterans who are disabled due to a service-related injury. You may receive both SSDI and Veterans Disability benefits at the same time if you qualify for both programs. 

One important point to keep in mind is that the two programs have different rules and you may qualify for one but not the other. For example, you are allowed to receive monthly income from Veteran's Disability even if you have a partial disability. To receive benefits from SSDI, however, you must have a full disability. 

Workers Compensation 

Workers Compensation offers benefits to workers who have been injured on the job. If you are eligible for Workers Compensation payments from your state, you may also be eligible for SSDI benefits from the Social Security Administration. You must qualify for both programs independently. 

A key aspect of collecting both Workers Compensation and SSDI simultaneously is that your total payment from both programs may not exceed 80 percent of your previous earnings from your employer. If you are entitled to receive more than this, the total amount will be reduced so that it does not exceed 80 percent of your previous earned income.  

Obtaining benefits from SSDI and certain other government programs at the same time is a complex issue that may require the assistance of an expert to navigate successfully. For more information about this important topic, contact a social security disability lawyer

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