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The Facts About Drinking And Driving That You May Not Know But Should

Every day in the United States people are killed in car accidents caused by drivers who drank before driving. The number of deaths by drinking and driving seems to have risen over the years with about 30 deaths a day or one death every 40 minutes. Here are some interesting facts on drinking and driving that you might not know about but should.

Most Vehicle Deaths Are Caused by DUI'S

Although not the only reason for deaths during traffic accidents, the majority of deaths related to cars are caused by drinking and driving. It is known by experts that the majority of passengers who have died in a vehicle, passed away while driving with a drunk driver. The deaths classified under DUI also includes accidents in which drugs were involved.

Teenagers and Young People Most Vulnerable

Of all the drivers most at risk of either injury, death or arrest of drinking and driving, teenagers and young people are most vulnerable. For adults, the alcohol level in their blood can make a difference in their ability to think clearly and for reflexes to be responsive. For teenagers, it doesn't matter the alcohol level in their blood, the risk of them crashing is greater than for older people.

The largest group of younger people who were involved in a drunk driving crash were between the ages of 21-24 years of age.

Older Drivers Crash More Often on Motorcycles

While it's usually younger drivers who suffered fatal injuries in crashes more often when driving a car, the opposite is true with motorcycles. For the most part, older drivers of motorcycles crashed causing fatalities the most often. It is reported that nearly half of the motorcycle crashes caused by DUI were caused by drivers in their 40s.

Fatal Crash Drivers Most Likely Have Prior Convictions

When a fatal drinking and driving accident occurs, it is most likely that the driver already has a prior drinking and driving conviction. In fact, these drivers are much more likely to cause a crash then a driver with no alcohol in their system at all.

Effective Countermeasures

There are some things that people can do to prevent fatal DUI accidents. They can include zero tolerance for drivers 21 years and younger, taking away their license when convicted of DUI, using checkpoints to stop drivers being on the road while intoxicated, and having formerly convicted drivers take mandatory substance abuse assessments before allowing them back on the roads. 

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