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3 Things You Should Do Before And During Your Estate Sale

Whether downsizing, selling your home, or taking care of the belongings of a deceased loved one, having an estate sale is a cost efficient and convenient way to get rid of a house full of stuff you no longer need or want. While the company you hire to host the estate sale will help you prepare and manage everything, the process can still be a bit stressful without help from the following tips and tricks:

Hire an Attorney

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your estate sale goes as planned and doesn't produce any unnecessary stress is to hire an estate planning attorney before you start the planning process. Your lawyer should be able to help you find an estate sale company that meets all of your personal needs, and will take care of any red tape, contracts, and other paperwork that needs to be managed throughout the sale. Most importantly, an estate planning lawyer will give you some peace of mind in knowing that your sale event is done properly, efficiently, and within the law.

Remove What You're Keeping

Before your estate sale company shows up to start inspecting and pricing the belongings you want to get rid of, make sure that you remove everything from the home that you want to keep. This will minimize confusion among staffers who are pricing the goods and ensure that you don't end up feeling pressured to include items in the sale that you want to retain ownership of. You can simply rent a storage unit to keep the stuff you don't want to sell safe until after the estate sale ends.

Stay Away During Sales Days

There is sure to be lots of action at your home during the estate sale, and many potential buyers may look to negotiate with your estate sale company for lower prices by sighting blemishes and other issues with the items they're looking at. With all the commotion and negotiations going on, you may find the estate sale process stressful – or even offensive – while buyers are around. For this reason, consider staying away from the home while your estate sale is happening. Spend time at the library, running errands, or visiting friends during the sale, and you'll only have to worry about how much money was made once you get back home.

These tips and tricks should help make the estate sale process easy, stress-free, and lucrative when all is said and done. Contact a business, such as Acton & Snyder, LLP, for more information.   

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