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Background Check Services Keep Small Business Out Of New-Hire Related Disasters

Small businesses may not have a huge year-to-year profit margin. Losing customers can devastate a small businesses, which is why owners must make good decisions more often than not. Hiring decisions must be done right or else a business suffers. Unfortunately, applicants may deceive employers in regard to their true nature and character. To avoid being drawn into an embarrassing business-damaging situation, employers are advised to run social media and other online searches on prospective hires.

Google Searches and Aliases

How a person acts or behaves online provides insights into the individual's character. Running a basic Google search could reveal a lot about the person. Unfortunately, the internet is home to a great many pseudonyms and aliases. People post on message boards or social media under various different identities. Still, a person who covers up controversial behavior through a pseudonym may effectively be hiding embarrassing information from potential employers.

There are additional steps that can be taken to draw a better picture of the prospective employee:

Cross-Reference the Real Name with Aliases

Professional background checkers possess the experience and skills necessary to examine every online angle. A person's name and address could be cross-checked against blog and domain registrations. The website or social media profile links on various message board signatures can be uncovered.

Look at Affiliations Online

Check out the groups and forums the person likes or joins. Are there any affiliations that would be deemed offensive or seriously controversial? If so, then the person may not be the right match for a particular business.

Examine the Behavior Online

Upon discovering aliases or usernames, look closely at the behavior the person embodies online. Is the individual highly argumentative or prone to becoming involved with controversies? Bad online behavior could indicate someone with horrible anger management issues or other poor personality traits that could be troubling.

Risks a Business Takes

Not being comprehensive with background checks is unwise. A business can be dragged into a bad situation due to the behavior of an employee. Imagine if a small nutrition store or boutique fitness studio hired someone who had made numerous posts online promoting the use of illegal steroids. The small business's brand could be harmed greatly if the person's behavior was linked with the company.

To completely avoid embarrassing or business-ruining hiring decisions, contact a professional service to perform comprehensive background checks. With professionals on the job, nothing controversial about the applicant is likely to be missed

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