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3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Submitting A Disability Claim

If you have recently become disabled, you are obviously not in a good state of mind. Thankfully, the government does provide some potential aid for people in your situation. But in order to get the support you need, you will need to find an official disability claim. If you want your claim to be successful, you need to stay focused while you are filling out the application. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when submitting a disability claim.

Mention All of Your Issues, Not Just the Most Obvious One

If you were disabled due to some type of accident, you want to list all of the health issues you are suffering from as a result of the accident, not just the one that qualifies you as "disabled." For example, you might not be able to walk anymore, but you could also be suffering from repeated migraines in the aftermath of the accident. Make sure you list your headaches on the application as well because the government will go over everything before deciding what level of support you qualify for. But they can't approve a payment for a problem they don't know about.

Document Everything, Whether Big and Small

The most obvious documentation you need is something from your doctor confirming you are disabled. But in addition to this, it can help to have a complete record of every doctor visit you went to during your treatment. In addition, it can be helpful to have your own personal journal in which you provide details of your daily life. Anytime you suddenly feel severe pain, write down the date and time in your journal as soon as you are able.

Get an Attorney

Even if you feel like your disability is pretty clear cut, that doesn't mean you are a lock for approval. With all of the paperwork involved, it's possible you could make a mistake somewhere and end up getting denied on a technicality and then be forced to reapply. One way to avoid this scenario would be to hire a disability attorney. A good lawyer who specializes in cases like yours will know exactly what to do and can double check your work. Then, if the claim is actually denied, you may be able to get your lawyer to plead your case for you.

If you want to get your disability claim approved as soon as possible, you need to provide a complete picture to the government, including any and all health problems you suffer from and all medical documentation you have acquired. If in doubt, reach out to a disability attorney to help walk you through the process. Contact a firm like Iler and Iler to get started.

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