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5 Steps To An Uncontested Divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce, you may want to consider an uncontested divorce. This is a divorce in which both you and your spouse agree to the terms that are set. The benefit of this is that there are often lower legal fees because you won't have to go in front a judge, but can instead resolve and settle the divorce in mediation. Keep in mind that this may not be a viable option if your spouse is not willing to negotiate on anything. Here are five steps to getting through this type of divorce:

  1. Gather All Financial Documents: The first thing you will want to do is gather all financial documents related to both you and your spouse. This is going to help when it comes to splitting up costs. This will be needed in mediation when negotiations are being made. 
  2. Meet With Your Own Family Attorney: While you are going through an uncontested divorce, this doesn't mean that you don't need the legal advice of your own family attorney. Your spouse should have their own, as well. This way, you can receive the legal advice that you need when it comes to negotiating on certain things. This ensures that everything is settled fairly. 
  3. Fill Out Forms Honestly: When it comes to filling out forms throughout the process of your divorce, you will want to do so honestly. This way, no issues come up in the future that your spouse can hold against you. This can hurt your case and make negotiations more difficult. Remember, when going through an uncontested divorce, this means that you are trying to avoid court, not making it easier for you to get there. 
  4. Consider Seeing a Therapist: To ensure that you and your spouse stay on the same page throughout your divorce process, you may consider seeing a therapist together or you can even see one on your own if you find that you are having a difficult time controlling your emotions throughout the process. You definitely don't want to let your emotions stand in the way of coming to agreeable terms in the mediation room. 
  5. Talk to Your Attorney About a Plan: Instead of staying in the dark about the terms you will be agreeing to, be sure that you ask your attorney plenty of questions and make your goal clear. This way, your lawyer can write out a settlement offer that is as fair as possible while also meeting your needs. 

When you follow these five steps to an uncontested divorce, you are sure to get through it as smoothly as possible. For more information, speak to a legal professional such as one from the Cragun Law Firm.

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