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Four Career Choices Where Worker's Compensation May Be Tricky To Get

Worker's compensation is usually supplied to anyone who works. There are a few exceptions, such as farm hands and migrant workers, but the trickiest jobs of all for acquiring worker's compensation are in the medical and research fields. If you are employed in one of the four following careers, you may want to check the company policy on worker's compensation and recheck any employment contracts you signed when you were hired.

LPN or Registered Nurse

As far as nursing goes, LPNs and RNs come into contact with a lot of blood and bodily diseases in the course of their work day. As such, nurses have to be exceptionally cautious with the administration of medications, specifically injections and any medications which have to be inserted in body cavities. If you accidentally acquire a major disease while performing your nursing duties, you may be declined worker's compensation benefits, even if you took all the necessary precautions to prevent your situation.

Lab Researchers 

Lab researchers who are working with either highly toxic materials or with bio-weapon types of diseases are also at risk of being denied worker's compensation. The biggest difficulties here are getting past the gag orders that researchers are often required to sign in order to work in the lab on the projects assigned. Since you cannot reveal what you were working on, suing for worker's compensation and proving that your injuries or disease came from the lab is really difficult.

CIA/FBI or Covert Ops Agents

Have you ever heard of secret agents asking for worker's compensation? Probably not, given that they are not even allowed to say what they were doing at the time of their injuries. Most of their reports would have to be redacted before they could even file a worker's compensation claim. If they are also working cases where they have been instructed that the case or "op" does not exist, then you can bet worker's compensation is definitely off the table.

Demolition Expert

If you blow up a building, and chunks of it land on you, do you get worker's compensation? That is really tricky, since you are supposedly an expert in your field, so you should know how to prevent your injuries. However, some states do allow for worker's compensation when demolition experts are actual employees of the construction/deconstruction company and the experts are not operating as freelance agents (i.e., working for themselves). Check with a worker's compensation attorney at a law firm like the Rizzi Law Group on this or any of the above careers and injuries before attempting to file for worker's compensation.

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