Personal Injuries: Basic Knowledge For You

What's Your Defense? Arguments That Could Win DUI Cases

A DUI is not something you want on your record. It is not ever something you want to be charged with, and if you have a really good DUI defense attorney, it does not have to be. Furthermore, special circumstances as they apply to your case may work in your favor to drop the charges. Look below to see if any of the following apply to you. 

Side Effects of Certain Medications You May Not Know About

There have been cases where people are prescribed certain medications, and these medications have had some very weird side effects resulting ultimately in DUI charges. One such medication is a well-known hypnotic for people who suffer from insomnia. Under the effects of this medication, people have been known to eat, cook, converse, walk, and even drive while they are still sound asleep! If you are taking this medication, or other similar medications from the same drug class, your lawyer may be able to argue that you did not know what you were doing when the police officer pulled you over to ticket you. 

There Was Another Major Emergency and Traffic Was Impassable 

You have seen it; traffic going one direction is a nightmare, but traffic going in the opposite direction is almost non-existent. In cases where there is a major emergency, it is impossible to get an ambulance to your location when you are in the direction of the major traffic flow. It is just easier to get into your own vehicle and drive in the lanes opposite the heavy traffic and going in the direction of the hospital. The downside is when you have already had a drink and you have been pulled over by a police officer. Usually, an officer will be helpful enough to see that there is an emergency and write you a DUI ticket later after he/she clears the way to get you to the hospital. 

Medicated Mouthwash

Regular mouthwash containing alcohol gets people into enough trouble. It is worse when you have been prescribed a medicated mouthwash because you have an oral condition or you are post-oral surgery. Medicated mouthwashes are a double whammy because they show up on both a breathalyzer test as "alcohol" and on a blood test as either a painkiller or a powerful antibiotic. Proof that you had oral surgery or an oral condition and a filled prescription slip from your dentist/oral surgeon can eliminate your DUI ticket. 

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Personal Injuries: Basic Knowledge For You

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