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What Are Some Of The Lesser Known Services That Law Firms May Offer?

Most people are well aware that law firm services can include representing a client and appearing in court on their behalf. However, law firms do not only offer court appearances or legal representation. They may offer other services as well. Learning what services law firms offer can help you determine when you should contact a law firm or discuss your legal needs with them. Here are a few of the lesser known services that law firms may offer. 


One of the services that law firms offer is consultations. Depending on the type of case you have, the consultation may be free. A consultation is a great way for you to meet a lawyer and determine if you have a case. Many people are not familiar with the ins and outs of local laws and ordinances. As such, they may not fully understand what criteria must be met to bring a case against another party or whether they have a legal leg to stand on if they have been sued. During a consultation, an attorney can help you understand the laws related to your case and whether legal representation is something that may benefit you. 

Document Review

Another service that law firms may offer is document review. Many people file legal documents with the courts themselves. For example, if you are filing divorce, you may be submitting documents to the courts. Some law firms will review your documents before you submit them, or help to prepare them, helping to ensure the documents are correctly completed prior to you filing them. Typically paralegals are tasked with document review and document completion. 

Assistance with Legal Letters

The final service that a law firm may offer is assistance with legal letters. Perhaps you received a letter that looks like a legal letter and you want to find out if it is a legal letter or whether it is a scare tactic. Or maybe you need to send a letter, such as a cease and desist, to another party. A lawyer may help you understand letters or draw letters up on your behalf without technically representing you. 

If you suspect you may need legal help, but you are not sure that you need a lawyer to represent you or appear in court on your behalf, you may be unsure if a lawyer can help you. Many law firms offer services for people in your situation, such as consultations, document review and help understand legal letters or writing legal letters on your behalf. Contact local law firms in your area to learn what services they may offer and whether these services may benefit you. 

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