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Ways to Prepare for a Child-Custody Battle with Your Ex

Do you currently have custody of your children? Is your ex coming after you to take your custody rights away from you? If you fear that your ex will win custody of your children, you might want to start working on a plan. Here are some tips to help you fight this case and hopefully win.

1. Hire the Best Lawyer

While you have the freedom to handle legal issues without a lawyer, certain types of cases need legal assistance. Child custody cases are an example of one type of legal event that you must have legal counsel. Fighting a child custody case is challenging, time-consuming, and difficult, and you will not want to enter the fight alone. As a result, you might want to start looking for a reputable lawyer with lots of experience with child custody cases. You will need a lawyer like this to have a chance in your case.

2. Determine Why Your Ex Is Fighting for Custody

As you begin working on your case, a good place to start is determining why your ex wants to obtain custody rights. Did you do something wrong? For example, did you get arrested for a DUI or a drug charge? Do you have someone living with you that should not be around your children? If your ex is fighting you for custody, it might be due to something you did. Your ex might believe that the kids are in danger while living with you, so you should expect him or her to use this fact in court.

3. Gather Evidence

Your lawyer will suggest gathering evidence to prove why you should keep custody rights of your kids. You might want to write a log of everything you do for your kids. You can also describe the benefits of the living environment you offer them. Additionally, you could write a list of reasons why the kids would not be better off living with your ex. Your lawyer can give you additional tips on how to gather evidence for your case. The good news is that a judge is not likely to remove your custody rights unless there is enough evidence to prove that your kids are in danger while living with you.

Hiring a child custody lawyer is a necessity if you are heading into a child custody battle. To find a lawyer, contact various law firms like Cragun Law Firm.

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