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Tips For Enforcing Child Custody After Divorce

Custody and child support orders are among the most serious orders a family judge will put in place. When the sake of children is involved, the courts want to make sure that each parent follows the orders put in place.

Do you want to make sure that your ex-spouse follows the custody order? What happens if they don't? This guide will help you determine what you should be doing to ensure that the orders made during your divorce proceedings are followed.

When Possible, Work Together

It is typically better to try to work together on orders rather than to escalate issues. If somebody else is violating your order, informing them in writing through your custody attorney is a good option. You should always work with your attorney rather than be confrontational if you want to avoid potential issues in the future.

No matter what you do, do not retaliate against the other parent. If you retaliate by trying to keep your child away from the other parent, you could find yourself in a position where you are held in contempt of court for not abiding by the court order.

Discuss Order Modification

In some cases, you may decide to modify the order so that both parents can follow it more easily. Perhaps things have changed in one of your families, for instance. You may know that your spouse or ex-spouse did not intend to defy the order but has been struggling with the order as is. Divorce attorneys can help you establish parameters for an agreeable modification.

If you are able to work together on this, you might consider an alternative dispute resolution option, like mediation. Mediation can help you with many different aspects of your divorce, from child support to spousal support.

Bring Your Grievances to Court

In some cases, your custody attorney may argue it is better to bring your issues to court. In the courtroom, your attorney will determine what steps you need to take to make sure that the order is enforced and the child's best interests are looked after.

Discuss Your Options With Your Divorce Attorney

It is always important that you talk about your case with your divorce attorney. Your attorney will help you enforce the orders and ensure that they are fair for you in the first place. Call a divorce attorney today to discuss your options for enforcing orders during and after proceedings.

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