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How To Cope With Social Security's Adult Disability Report

When you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), all applicants have to fill out the same form. The adult disability report is several pages in length and it requires plenty of information. For a detailed look at the report, read on.

Preparing to Complete the Report

This application is long and you should try to do only one part of it at a time. Doing it by sections cuts down on the potential for making mistakes and not fully answering the questions. The first part of the report asks for your personal identifying information like your name, address, and the like.

Medical Conditions

In the medical conditions section, you should list all the medical issues that prevent you from working. You will also be asked about your last day of work. That question may not seem important but accuracy here is critical. Don't guess about this date. Be accurate or you may find yourself having to start the process again.

Education Information

The Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to know how much education you've had. Provide them with dates of completion, not admission.

Work History

It can be tedious to fill out this section since it seems almost like a job application. The SSA needs to review your past positions and contact information and correct dates are needed. You might want to access your resume, tax returns, Social Security work history, and more to obtain the needed info.

More Medical

A list of your current medications along with all medical treatments you've had for your conditions. That includes diet changes, surgeries, and more. Doctors and medical facility names are necessary.

Final Section

If you needed more space to answer a previous question, this is where you can finish the answer. Be sure to reference back to the question or section number when doing so or you will only confuse matters for the Social Security caseworker.

You may have heard that many Social Security applicants end up being turned down for benefits. In many cases, it's because they did insufficiently filled out their application. If you get turned down, no matter what the reason, you are entitled to an appeal hearing. The best way to keep from getting turned down in the first place is by seeking help from a Social Security lawyer. They can ensure your application report is done correctly so your chances of denial are greatly reduced. Social Security lawyers are also there for you when you appeal a denial. They can stand by you and help you argue for the Social Security benefits you need and deserve. Contact a Social Security disability law attorney for more information. 

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