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5 Intuitive Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Auto Accidents

The best defense against auto accident injuries is to avoid accidents altogether. But since no driver nor pedestrian can foretell when and where an accident will occur, how can you reduce your chances of being in one? Here are a few intuitive tips.

1. Use Slower Streets

Everyone wants to get where they're going faster, but speed is one of the biggest factors in determining the severity of accident injuries. Therefore, intentionally avoiding routes where drivers speed is a smart move, even if you need a little longer to arrive. 

2. Choose Fewer Lanes

Wide streets seem like they might be safer than narrower roads. After all, it appears you would have fewer conflict points. However, wide and unobstructed roads with multiple lanes also encourage drivers to be more reckless. They motivate people to speed and weave among lanes. So if you want to run fewer risks, take a route with even just one lane fewer than other options. 

3. Look for Separated Lanes

More and more communities see the value in separating bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers as they all share the road. Dedicated bike lanes keep you out of car traffic, and sidewalks are safer than walking. But the safest roads of all are roads that place barriers — either medians or upright poles — between you and the cars next to you. 

4. Skip GPS Detours

With more and more drivers relying on GPS devices to plan their routes, more people are automatically diverted around traffic problems on their primary route. But the trouble with this is that all the other drivers will do the same thing. So the extra traffic, sudden lane changes, and local users can all combine to make these streets unexpectedly unsafe. 

5. Don't Overestimate Yourself

Unfortunately, other drivers on the road with you aren't your only risk point. Can you honestly evaluate your own driving skills, readiness, and distraction? People can overestimate their ability to multitask, underestimate their tiredness, or misjudge their distractions. While you can't control the actions of others on the road, you can control your own and therefore reduce your risk and liability. 

Where to Learn More

Want more tips for reducing your chances of serious injury in a car accident? Start by consulting with a car accident attorney in your area. And if you still get into an accident, they'll be your best ally in getting to the bottom of the cause and finding the compensation you need. 

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